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VESLS understands that boat ownership can be rewarding and at times can become a chore.  With that in mind, the team at VESLS created a host of offerings built around our clients needs.  From training you in operations, to delivering or moving your vessel, to watching over your vessel in your absence, the services offered by VESLS are provided to fulfill our clients needs.


At VESLS, we "Train Mariners Intelligently".  Our TMI Training Courses are designed to teach safe boating operation on your vessel.  We help you become familiar with the systems installed on your vessel, how to safely operate your vessel and how to handle emergency situations.  We will give you all the tools you need to enjoy your time spent on the water.


Are you heading to the North East for the summer?  Would you like your yacht to be there too?  The team at VESLS can deliver your vessel to your preferred destination.  Our delivery captains have been professionally trained and have made thousands of miles of deliveries.  


Day Captain Services are also offered.  We found that some boat owners would prefer to entertain on their boat without having to worry about the everything that comes along with operating a boat.  Our captains can take the worry out of the equation leaving your to enjoy your time on the water.  Let the Captains at VESLS ensure a stress free day on the water for you, your family or your clients.


Our newest offering, VESLS On-Watch, keeps an eye on your vessel so you don’t have to.  VESLS has decided to offer a completely customizable program for your vessel.  Are you leaving for a week and want someone to look in on your boat?  Are you heading North for the Summer and need someone to watch over your vessel while you are gone?  Let us customize a program that works for you.


With the changing times, the team at VESLS is constantly trying to help our clients fill the needs they may have when it comes to their vessels.  Check back frequently for new programs and offerings.  Have a specific boating need and no one else can help?  Reach out and let the team at VESLS help you fill that need.

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