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+ TMI /Training Mariners Intelligently/ courses


VESLS offers several training courses designed for all levels.

VESLS helps train clients with vessels of all sizes. Whether you are a new boat owner and want to gain confidence on the water or you are upgrading from a center console to an express or larger, VESLS will train you on safe operation, our team will instruct you and familiarize you on the proper use and maintenance of the systems you have on board. We have build the most respected and most comprehensive training program for boat owners.

Training Mariners Intelligently. This is not only the brand for our Training Classes, it is our Mission here at VESLS. Our TMI Training classes have been designed to Train Mariners Intelligently. Our training has been designed to be practical. We help you become familiar with the systems installed on your vessel, how to safely operate your vessel and how to handle emergency situations. We will give you all the tools you need to enjoy your time spent on the water. We teach “forward thinking”. This becomes especially useful in emergency situations. During our training courses, we will simulate multiple emergency situations, from man over board and fires on board to loss of propulsion. Each simulation will teach you not only how to handle the situation, but how to think it through quickly, implement your thoughts and keep your vessel and everyone in it safe.

We invite not only the vessel owner to take our TMI Training Course, but any mate or crew you wish to come along. We will teach a crew how to work together make boating safe and fun. The team at VESLS wants to teach you how to take the stress out of boating.


To see more information, or to book on of our exclusive TMI courses click below to get started.

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